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Recently there has been need to film a wide range of interviews where I’m currently working. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be involved not just because it’s something that I love to do but I do believe it’s so important to polish up skills. Sometimes, without realising, I will go a few weeks without picking up a camera and although it’s ultimately something you won’t forget in a hurry the familiarity with pieces of kit is something which can disperse quite quickly.

I’m currently working evenings back within a University in a kind of hire service set up, the students have an alarming amount of gear they have access to, many are reaching their final months of study and I tend to recommend getting their hands on as much different pieces of kit that they can, it will definitely be better in the long run. In an age where digital technologies are constantly evolving it all that more important, tapes one minute, cards the next….blink and you’ll miss it. It’s really important to be in the water so you go with the tide!

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