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To Buy or Not To Buy a Camalapse…

I’ve been looking at perhaps buying a Camalapse and wondered if anyone had ever used them much? Intended to work really well with Go Pro’s I’m keen to see how reliable and smooth the panning is on these? At only £25 I’m thinking I should just bite the bullet and get one to see if I do in fact love it! I probably will and at such a small cost compared to many camera accessories I’m thinking it’s worth the rise! Now just need to find the credit card!

Short Documentary Project

So it’s been a while since I made a little documentary…. and I’m getting itchy video feet! This week I did a bit of filming, and it got me to thinking that I really needed a little task to put my mind to. Stay tuned for ideas!

New Year’s Resolution

So it’s that time of year again….the beginning! Out with the old….in with the new! And so come the resolutions! I’m not really one for making tonnes of promises that I can’t keep so I’m just putting one down for now…one that hopefully will be quite fun to keep up with.

I take my camera with me everywhere, I’ve had a Sony Cybershot in my bag for about 6 years now and I tent to take a lot of pictures with it, however this year it became damaged and I waited a whole 3 months before I could replace it, my birthday couldn’t come soon enough! So now my camera is back and I have also dug out my SLR. I bought a Canon EOS350 a few years ago and should really use more than I do, the basic lens that comes with it is ok but I now need to start saving for some more lenses. The pictures it comes out with are brilliant but I know there is so much more potential! So here’s to my resolution…..take more photos! Read more…

Xmas Transcribing

Getting my typing hands into full swing over Xmas, been transcribing two shows for South West based production company, Red Handed TV. Last year I was lucky enough to assist on the broadcast of the 2010 Monsoon Cup in Malaysia, this year I’m transcribing, which is keeping me busy for a few evenings this week! Although I’m based in Cornwall jobs like this make you realise how fortunate we are in this day and age to have fantastic internet connections, within a short amount of time I had all the video files I needed and was ready to crack on!

Not so long ago I helped out as a location runner for ITV programme Ade in Britain. I was only on set for a day but luckily got to drive Ade’s Mini around South West Cornwall. We stopped at Annes Pasties to make lovely pastry treats and then headed off Gevor Tin mine for Star Gazey Pie, all with little caravan in tow. Read more…


Looking through the Cornwall Film Festival this year I was really pleased to see Heaven’s Secret shortlisted in the Cornish Shorts competition, will be keeping my fingers crossed for this one as unfortunately I’m unable to go as I’m in London. Will be hoping it does really well though!

Been asked by a friend of mine to do an edit project for a Lavender Farm in the South West. I must admit I haven’t edited for a while and am excited about getting stuck in, already looked through rushes and really looking forward to it. It’s the first lot of footage I’ve edited that’s been shot purely on 5D so interested in seeing how the edit software will cope.

Read more…


First day of remote working as part of my current job position, don’t get me wrong I’m used to working from home, but it’s always been for personal or freelance projects. First thing to do I think is to set up a proper working area, currently perched in the kitchen with a nice distracting window looking out onto the high street. I have always worked in this spot living at this house, whether it be for degree, editing, paper work or e-mails etc…there’s just something about it!

Heaven’s Secret into Cambridge Film Festival

— http://www.cambridgefilmfestival.org.uk/

A short film I helped on last year has made it into this years Cambridge Film Festival! Well done to Ed Wiles for entering this in to so many great film festivals, it’s a shame I don’t live closer to pop along and see it!



Back at the start of the year I assisted with location filming for the 6th episode of Holiday Hijack set in the UK. Although mainly wet it was a really enjoyable experience, especially getting to meet such lovely people along the way. There was a lot of driving and errands to run but I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result on Channel 4 this evening. This is also the first programme to feature some GV’s I shot, look out for some China Town, Brick Lane etc etc shots towards the end!