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Back at the start of the year I assisted with location filming for the 6th episode of Holiday Hijack set in the UK. Although mainly wet it was a really enjoyable experience, especially getting to meet such lovely people along the way. There was a lot of driving and errands to run but I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result on Channel 4 this evening. This is also the first programme to feature some GV’s I shot, look out for some China Town, Brick Lane etc etc shots towards the end!



Please to see that E4′s Dirty Sexy Things is getting a lot of positive feedback, many friends of mine work on the programe and I was able to help out on an episode as a runner a while back. Really great show which looks super slick, had a lot of fun helping out on this one. Read more…


Keep an eye out on BBC3 this coming Tuesday for a documentary I did some running/boom op on. Fast Food Baby looks at three families all trying to stop their babies eating junk food. For the programme I went down to Cardiff to film with the Fish family, 18 month old Cuba and his family were so lovely to work with and I really enjoyed my time with them. Quite excited to see the finished result! Tune in at 9pm to find out!



Last week I was lucky enough to go out filming for a new BBC3 observational documentary about children used to eating a diet consisting mainly of junk foods. Fast Food Baby follows 3 toddlers as they try overcome their bad eating habits with help from nutritionists and health workers. As part of a two person crew I traveled up to Liverpool, and drove to Cardiff to meet one of the young contributors. Read more…



Last week I was able to go out on location to Bournemouth for a new Channel 4 Programme called The Great Holiday Escape. The programme allows various families from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds to experience a different kind of holiday. The episode I worked on featured a family of four Jamaicans who were staying with an English host family and their friends. Read more…


Today I had the opportunity to go out filming with new channel 4 series Beauty and the Beast. The programme aims to challenge peoples preconceptions about individuals with disfigurements. Today we went out on the streets to find out what people thought about advertising using models with disfigurements. Presenter Adam and Carla both had billboards made featuring them replicating iconic advertising campaigns.

My  role as production assistant involved getting individual reactions of passers by, trying to persuade them to talk on camera was a bit of a challenge at times, but for such a worthy campaign we managed to get a lot of comments from the public. A really enjoyable – and cold – day filming. The episode will be screened on Channel 4 next Wednesday evening, 2nd Feb, tune in!

For more information go to: – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/beauty-and-the-beast-ugly-face-of-prejudice


betty Week One!

So it’s my first week at a new job in London. I’m having a great time so far, meeting people and running errands. Already been able to visit some amazing production houses as part of my job and I’m really looking forward to all the challenges the position brings!

New Job in London!

Only a week after flying home from Malaysia I started a new job in London! I’m now working as an office runner for tv production company betty. After only a few days I am really enjoying myself, something tells me this job is going to be as varied as I am! I’ve never found myself living in a big city before and I’m looking forward to all the experiences and adventures city life brings! Will keep you updated!


Well it had to come to an end! Last week saw the end of my stint as production runner for the Cornwall House on Country House Rescue! So sad to see the back of the production crew, they really made me feel welcome and a part of the team. I even managed to try my hand at being a clapper again! It was a shame that the last day involved a lot of rain but I still managed to stay upbeat and wet! Looking forward to seeing how it all looks when it goes out next Spring.


Earlier this year I was involved in the first part of filming for Channel 4 series Country House Rescue. I was offered the job of Production Runner, which basically means my main job is keeping people happy, especially when it comes to tea/coffee/lunches etc, although I also helped a bit in getting equipment and chatting to the public about what we were doing. The last shoot I was on was over 3 days, this Summer visit was only 1 day. The programme is in its 3rd series and the episode I’m working on will be shown in the Spring. Read more…