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Hart of Bodmin into Cornwall Film Festival

I’m pleased to announce that The Hart of Bodmin documentary I edited in 2009 has made it into this years Student Screenings. This also means the film will be eligible for the Student Delabole Slate Audience Award and The Golden Chough Grand Prize. As you imagine I’m pretty excited about the prospect of getting into the festival and can’t wait until November – keep an eye on the Cornwall Film Festival Website for more details of the Festival.

                  In 2009 as part of my Broadcasting degree we had to make a documentary based on an element of Cornish Culture. Our group decided on pub culture (a really important part of Cornish Culture, I promise!) and we made a 13 minute documentary on The White Hart Pub in Bodmin. During the project we visited the pub numerous times and stayed there during the weekends, getting to know the locals and gathering material for the documentary. This was without doubt one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on, mainly because of our group! Had so much fun and I think it’s reflected in the final piece.

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