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Looking through the Cornwall Film Festival this year I was really pleased to see Heaven’s Secret shortlisted in the Cornish Shorts competition, will be keeping my fingers crossed for this one as unfortunately I’m unable to go as I’m in London. Will be hoping it does really well though!

Heaven’s Secret into Cambridge Film Festival

— http://www.cambridgefilmfestival.org.uk/

A short film I helped on last year has made it into this years Cambridge Film Festival! Well done to Ed Wiles for entering this in to so many great film festivals, it’s a shame I don’t live closer to pop along and see it!


Ta da! Heaven’s Secret is finally here – well the trailer at least!



Heaven’s Secret is a short film written and directed by Ed Wiles. It’s been in production for about a year and was shot over 2 days. Actors and Ed came down from London to work on the film which had been written 10 years ago. It tells of a three travellers who get taken hostage.

It was really important for the film to look as authentic as possible and was shot in various tropical garden locations in Cornwall. When looking back at some of the footage it was hard to guess it had been filmed in the UK.

My job was clapper/loader/2nd camera assistant. I made sure all the shots being used were correctly marked with the right scene, slate and take number. It was something I had never really done properly before and it was great to help out. I did also manage to  film one shot. The camera being used was a Canon 5D MkII which is something I had never used, but always wanted to! Happy times! Just can’t wait for the edit now!