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Eat. Learn. Move. (and get inspired…)

Ok so I maybe a bit behind on the uptake of these short films…so apologies! I’m in a bit of a creative lull at the moment…..(as you can probably tell through lack of posts!)..and I’m in serious need of some motivation, I’m blaming the weather. Anyhoos came across this recently and I found it really inspiring, hope others do too!

Sound Inspiration

— http://www.soundandmusic.org

This is a cool little website a friend recommended, nice to see that sound is being used creatively!

Working 9 to 5 (Well almost!)

Over the last 10 weeks I have been pulling some extra hours on top of my day job, working in a role I held previously for just over 6 years. It’s been great coming back and seeing what everyone has been up to, if not a little strange! Working with new kit is something that always excites me and I think the main thing I’ve got out of the weeks I have been back is seeing what new technology is available to film makers studying at degree level.

I’ve found audio recorders have particularly improved and I have been off out and about doing some test recordings with the Zoom H4 recorder, still not sure if I prefer this over the slightly smaller Marantz PMD620. I took the Marantz with me on a recent trip to Finland to record some interviews there, so looking forward to comparing this with the H4. I guess that’s another thing about working long hours also, it makes you appreciate the time you do have left over at the end of the day to be creative and actually make things, I’ve got one week left working evenings and then I feel a little project coming on!

Today sees the launch of the AIR building at Tremough Campus in Falmouth. The Academy for Innovation & Research is the home for business and research at the campus and to celebrate the opening today various individuals and groups are showcasing works and projects at the event.

I was particularly excited about the arduino project that was on display from Cornwall Hackerspace (http://cornwallhackerspace.com) – I’ve only played around with this kind of technology once before and it makes me really excited about the possibilities available, especially when you use a little imagination! Can’t wait to have another opportunity to play around, and I’m semi tempted to buy a starter kit, but until then I do have a recording of the music I made with the project!


Recently there has been need to film a wide range of interviews where I’m currently working. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be involved not just because it’s something that I love to do but I do believe it’s so important to polish up skills. Sometimes, without realising, I will go a few weeks without picking up a camera and although it’s ultimately something you won’t forget in a hurry the familiarity with pieces of kit is something which can disperse quite quickly.

I’m currently working evenings back within a University in a kind of hire service set up, the students have an alarming amount of gear they have access to, many are reaching their final months of study and I tend to recommend getting their hands on as much different pieces of kit that they can, it will definitely be better in the long run. In an age where digital technologies are constantly evolving it all that more important, tapes one minute, cards the next….blink and you’ll miss it. It’s really important to be in the water so you go with the tide!

Miracle Theatre

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a spot of front of house volunteering for Miracle Theatre during their production of TIN. I really enjoyed helping out and the atmosphere on the nights I’ve helped out has been brilliant. Got to see the performance last night and loved it, ironic also that the younger singers at last nights performance were from the Roseland School…..brought back some memories! A great performance and well worth a watch, great to finally see something which addresses an important part of Cornish heritage.

So my nice shiny new Camalapse arrived last week and I was pretty keen to get it up and in use ASAP.

Combined with a Go Pro I put it to use on the first thing I could find, a nice curry tea being cooked in the kitchen. So for anyone wanting to have a gander at this product, or the inside of my kitchen….enjoy!


To Buy or Not To Buy a Camalapse…

I’ve been looking at perhaps buying a Camalapse and wondered if anyone had ever used them much? Intended to work really well with Go Pro’s I’m keen to see how reliable and smooth the panning is on these? At only £25 I’m thinking I should just bite the bullet and get one to see if I do in fact love it! I probably will and at such a small cost compared to many camera accessories I’m thinking it’s worth the rise! Now just need to find the credit card!

Short Documentary Project

So it’s been a while since I made a little documentary…. and I’m getting itchy video feet! This week I did a bit of filming, and it got me to thinking that I really needed a little task to put my mind to. Stay tuned for ideas!

New Year’s Resolution

So it’s that time of year again….the beginning! Out with the old….in with the new! And so come the resolutions! I’m not really one for making tonnes of promises that I can’t keep so I’m just putting one down for now…one that hopefully will be quite fun to keep up with.

I take my camera with me everywhere, I’ve had a Sony Cybershot in my bag for about 6 years now and I tent to take a lot of pictures with it, however this year it became damaged and I waited a whole 3 months before I could replace it, my birthday couldn’t come soon enough! So now my camera is back and I have also dug out my SLR. I bought a Canon EOS350 a few years ago and should really use more than I do, the basic lens that comes with it is ok but I now need to start saving for some more lenses. The pictures it comes out with are brilliant but I know there is so much more potential! So here’s to my resolution…..take more photos! Read more…