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Has it really been a year…..I’m blaming the studying!

What a difference year makes! A friend of mine asked me the other day about my website and what it contains….then it dawned on me…I hadn’t touched my site for a fair while.

Ashamed and with my tail between my legs I’ve come back. It’s not that I haven’t been busy, man have I been busy, but in a slightly different capacity as of late. I’ve hit the books again in search of a few more qualifications on my belt! The last time I did some proper studying was for me degree which finished in 2010.

2012-2013 Saw me complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCHE) which I finished at the end of the year. I’m now studying for my Post Grad Diploma in Higher Education which will take until the Summer to complete!

I am still very much available for freelance work on top! Just not as often as I’d like :)

Let’s see what 2014 brings…..


First day of remote working as part of my current job position, don’t get me wrong I’m used to working from home, but it’s always been for personal or freelance projects. First thing to do I think is to set up a proper working area, currently perched in the kitchen with a nice distracting window looking out onto the high street. I have always worked in this spot living at this house, whether it be for degree, editing, paper work or e-mails etc…there’s just something about it!

New Month, New Job

After a summer back in Cornwall I was very pleased this week to start a full time job again. I’m now working as a Learning Technology Intern at UCF, a role I’m very excited to be working in. The job is very flexible and the team are very keen to further skill sets and disciplines. I’m really looking forward to facing new challenges and getting my teeth into making lots of interesting bits and bobs! Will keep you updated!